Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh, the Familiar

A few days ago, it struck me that not only is it a blessing to be received with open arms in the home of loved ones but also in a place of 'familiarity.' Bob grew up amongst these very fields and roads, less than a mile away from here. I grew up southeast of Salem, so am familiar with where most things are in the area and how to get fro and to. Imagine moving to a totally new place and having to ask where every little thing is, along with all the other 'new' things in your life. We have enjoyed "going home" to our churches where we each grew up as children as well as seeing folks we haven't seen for literally 'years.' GOD IS SO GOOD ... AND GOD IS SO AWESOME!!! He gives us gift after gift, blessing after blessing ...

Being invited to stay in the basement of someone else's home is no small undertaking, especially when they offer a mostly unfinished basement as a work in progress for you. We are so grateful for such an opportunity! Imagine that!!! Not only a place to live, but you get to 'build it to suit' while the owner pays for all the supplies!
It makes me think of our heavenly Father and His generous gifts to us. He often gives us everything we need to accomplish something, but we just have to be obedient in using what He has provided. Sometimes, He doesn't even specify the plans so closely that we can't 'make them our own.' He tenderly cares for His own and allows our freedom of choice at the same time. How grateful we are for such 'opportunities' and His outpouring of love.
Many people have shared furniture or doors and more ... even a dishwasher! Most of the pieces are here. Now just to get all the pieces together in all the right places.
Bob has been busy, along with his brother and father, framing up all the rooms downstairs as well as running electrical wire and more. It wouldn't be fair if I didn't also tell you that he has also been moving STUFF (yes, our stuff) from here to there and there to here ... but he also almost has the store room ready to shelves built for that stuff.
In the meantime, we have been graciously received in the spare bedrooms and den upstairs. No one could ask for a better host and hostess to make us feel at home. We were beginning to feel a bit 'homeless' after having been on the road for more than five weeks right after leaving such a great place (Dufur), so it is such a blessing to have been received so freely. (and they have a swimming pool, too!) Thank You, Lord, for Your awesome provision!!!

Mexico Musings ...

July 5-10,2009 we, the Petersons and cousins spent time outside Tijuana, Mexico, in the 'suburbs' building a house for a family (see picture). There were something like 18 of us workers in all. Every person helped in some way and it was fun to work together as a family 'for a family.' You can see us standing at the end of the stucco two-room home we built for them. Their oldest daughter (in mom's arms) is 17 and engaged to be married. Her and her new husband will live there as soon as they get married. Behind the house that we built stands the family's home. We basically built this new house in their front yard.
What a delight it was to work for Him and for His sake. This family's pastor had recommended them for this work. May His blessing go with them!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Training in Texas was amazing! Even the "Center" was amazing itself. It was so encouraging to see two missions organizations working together on the same campus for the same purpose and the same God above! Praise be to Him Who made it possible!

As far as our training goes, first Bob attended three days of "Bush Mechanics" where he learned a lot about solar energy, building a latrine, designing your house for maximum 'coolness,' small engine mechanics and more. A lot of good information was shared.

For the next two weeks, both Bob and I participated in "Primary Health Care," a class designed primarily for the family to learn how to care for their families and the occasional national with basic medical needs. We were given tools to diagnosis and treat as well as how to recognize those illnesses which we cannot treat but need to seek outside medical help. We were taught how to use the book, The Village Health Manual.

From suturing to giving injections, we practiced a large number of procedures (even how to put in a stomach tube and deliver a baby). We were required to read all of the first volume as well as do some worksheets, but the most challenging (and enjoyable for us) assignment was working on 20 case studies which were required to 'graduate' from the class.

We now feel more equipped in the area of medical needs to care for our family, to be sure! Now just to compile the medical kit ... thank You, Lord, for such a class that serves missionary families so completely!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SPEED LIMIT: 75 mph and 80 mph?!!

In driving across the different states we have been these past five weeks, I have been amazed to find how fast it is legal to drive in places on certain freeways. But, of course, we are driving a 1989 Coachmen motorhome. While the vehicle has done well for the trip, I must say that you cannot possibly "comfortably" drive that fast.
Bob's thoughts on the subject .... "At least we never have to worry about getting a speeding ticket," as he confidently drives past each speed trap alongside the roadways.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Armadillos and tarantulas, oh my ... armadillos and tarantulas, oh my ...

We have now seen Texas armadillos, along side the road way (I guess they are kind of like oppossums are to Oregonians for Texans) as well as several live ones busy about their day.

The children also saw their first 'wild' tarantula ... in the childcare center playground! Oh, my! While this may seem alarming, the staff was great. They simply caught it and disposed of it, so the children could continue their play. (oh, but armadillos and tarantulas, oh, my!) ....


Hey y'all!!! (or is it, Howdy, pardner?)
Well, we have been here for two and a half weeks and it is time to leave already! While it was 'really' busy, it must have flown by because we have no idea where June went!
Not only have we been busy with classes but we were also able to get away twice for a visits. So enjoyed spending time with some friends we haven't seen in probably 10 years and then also getting to know some friends better, both in the Dallas 'area.'
Last night we 'graduated' from Primary Health Care class and are now better prepared for medical care of our family in Uganda. We learned SO much!!! I couldn't begin to tell you everything that we learned and did .... but ... we learned to suture (a pig's foot and a chicken's thigh anyways), gave each other three different kinds of injections, learned how to give a physical exam and assess a patient, made casts, oh, gosh, and so much more! We are now equipped with a medical manual and have 'practiced' diagnosing 20 cases by using that manual, along with outlining the appropriate treatment plans. As you can see, the class was amazing!!! We had wonderful teachers, all with experience on the mission field themselves, so you can imagine the wealth of wisdom and information that they offered us.
You all know that I was stressed about what our children would do while we were here. We went ahead and rented a room at the Guest House (which is not far from where we were taking classes and equipped with its own landline phone plus a security system) just so that the kids would be close to us and we could be available to them, but ... that Janae would have to be in charge while we were in class. The other options were to send our children out somewhere a ways to homes of people that we did not know. I just couldn't do that.
Anyways, the kids stayed inside one day and then the hostess told us that it was against the rules, that we would have to figure something else out. There is a childcare center here but we had understood it was only for preschool children. Come to find out, they make exceptions in the summer time and they would take all four of our children during the morning hours. Praise the Lord! Then, on top of that, some of the staff began looking for volunteers to help watch the children of our class in the room next to us during the afternoons! God is so good!!! The kids enjoyed themselves as they were able to get to know some more MKs (missionary kids). What a relief to us also! God is just awesome and the people here were great, going above and beyond to help us!
The weather? Well, um', let me see ... my best description is perhaps that it is possibly pre-field preparation for Uganda's hotter months? Yes, upper 90s and 100 degree temperatures with humidity and lovely air pollution! Well, let me just say ... we were SO grateful for air conditioning here!!!
This morning we are securing the motor home once more and preparing things for the zippy trip to San Diego. We are excited about our next adventure and looking forward to joining our family there before we head into Mexico Sunday evening to prepare for building a home there for an underprivileged family. We do appreciate your prayers as God continues to grant traveling mercies and takes care of this great motor home (borrowed) for us. May God find all of you enjoying Him today as He guides you as well.
Blessings to you galore, Bob and Michelle PetersonJanae, Josh, Jon and Josiah

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Packing and Sorting, Sorting and Packing, oh, my!

Here you see Joshua "enjoying" the costume box as the kids are "helping" to get them packed up to go over to the church ...

The month of May has been flying by! From baseball for all three boys to Jon's 8th birthday, then the Dufur Christian Church rummage sale (on our behalf - praise God!) to Janae's last piano recital & festival, and oh, so much more! It has been a blur.

In between this, we have been trying to visit with friends as well as sort and pack while at home. Somehow I thought doing school was a good idea for this month as well .... hmmmm ... would re-evaluate that one next time!

If it were not for the ladies of the church here doing the rummage sale, we would be much farther away from being ready to pack up. We have less than one week now to meet our 'goal' of being completely moved into Bob's brother Stan's basement in Independence, Oregon. I've got to tell you ... this looks mighty impossible at this point. The house is so far from ready to pack up.

We are grateful that we need not worry over this. One more opportunity to trust God and to watch Him work! We covet your prayers that we will weather yet this season well (through Him) with giving Him all the glory!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Loaves of Prayer

Wow! How precious some folks can be and so
creative! Phyllis Summers, a wonderful pillar
of Dufur Christian Church created these mini-
loaves for people to take home as reminders to
pray for the Peterson family!
Thanks, Phyllis! We appreciate how you have
shown us your support and love!

Trip to Virginia - Truly Amazing!!!

We spent two weeks with lots of wonderful people. It was so amazing! God went before us and showed Himself so very faithful. The main reason for our visit was the fact that Berea Christian Church was doing a Wild Game Dinner/fundraiser on our behalf. We enjoyed sharing with folks at Berea as well as at First Christian Church in Wytheville and Stage Road Chapel. We visited so many folks that we could not even begin to count them all.
Berea Christian Church youth group took us snow skiing in West Virginia (yes, manmade snow) and also bowling. The Roberts' family took us to the Wild Game Park (picture above) in Ft. Chiswell ... such fun getting up close and personal with the animals there.
We enjoyed so much wonderful hospitality and outpouring of love from everyone, we are so very grateful. I really want to share one very special hug that we received ... from God. Cyndi Walters' momma called to tell us that we should attend the "Soup and the Word" luncheon at the Wytheville Presbyterian Church the following Tuesday. It is a time where area churches are invited to share lunch after listening to a special speaker for six weeks during the Lent season. She had no idea who the speaker of the day was, just that we should go.
We had decided before we left for Virginia that we would follow God's lead, wherever that took us. So ... all six of us took off for lunch at the Presbyterian Church come that following Tuesday. Amazing! Only God could have known that this was the day that we should have come. Reverend Michael Weller was the main speaker of the day, missionary to Africa after having served in southwest Virginia as a pastor for 5 years. He had gone to Africa with his four children years ago when they were just a bit smaller than our children. He gave the most beautiful blessing over our family right smack dab in the center of his sharing about his own mission. Then afterwards he encouraged our entire family in our calling to Uganda. It felt like a huge hug straight from God! Bless you, Rev. Weller!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A blog ... and a Thank you Taco Supper

Our first blog! Oh, my ... entering new territory! God is really stretching us as we answer His call upon our lives to follow Him all the way to Uganda, East Africa.

Tonight we had a thank you supper to those who have already given to our new ministry or committed to give/pray for us. We were receiving lots of questions and wanted to answer them, but we also just wanted to share how grateful we are for their being a part of our vital support team. We were grateful that 24 or 25 folks joined us for a taco bar in the basement of Dufur Christian Church. Praise God for His people!

The kids all chipped in and helped in many ways. We were pleased with their excitement to be a part of the event and desire to serve. Thank Him for awesome children!